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So a while back, we had very successful fundraiser using kickstarter, which helped us to raise enough money for principal photography. At the time, we didn't know exactly where were shooting the all-important island sequence. We were hoping for a location local to Atlanta, or at least in the Georgia area, but the geography of the surrounding area was unfortunately not appropriate for the story. After months of searching, we discovered the wonder of Anastasia State Park in Florida, which is an almost ideal shooting locations for our film, pristine and mostly unvisited by the public - at least the area of the park where shooting would take place.

On December 27, 2010, we headed down to Florida to shoot the film. Even for the very small crew we are took, extra costs piled up and we ran into some trouble, you can read about it on the news page. As a result of the extra expenses, we going to continue our fundraiser and offer the same reward levels that we did on kickstarter (see below) to any kind patron who might have missed out on the kickstarter fundraiser or have just recently heard of us. Make sure you check out the trailer so you can see the intensity and passion and the level of quality that we are bringing to the production.

A reminder, this is a non-commercial "dollar baby" film (read more here). In accordance with our contract with Mr. King, the filmmakers can not profit in any way from this movie. Every dime contributed goes to cover costs of the production of the fim, and it is not an investment, it's a donation. We just want to to be clear on this matter, so there is no confusion.

As always, thank you for your support and encouragement. We are almost finished with this amazing journey, and we could not have done it without you.

Pledge $10

You will receive special thanks in the film credits and an 11"x17" mini-movie poster. It's a cool poster, we swear.
Pledge $25

You will receive the above plus a special Survivor Type coffee mug. Sure, we'd put coffee in ours, but if blood is your thing, it'll hold that too.
Pledge $50

All of the above, plus an invite to the wrap party (in Atlanta) and a Survivor Type T-shirt. So you can cover up your naked torso before coming to our wrap party. Yes, sir, we're looking at you.
Pledge $100

The SWAG pack. All of the above, plus a copy of the script signed by cast and crew and a Survivor Type baseball hat. So you can cover up your naked mullet before coming to our wrap party. Yes, ma'am, we're looking at you.

Pledge Even More? You want to donate more to help us out? Send us an email and we'll see if can't work out arrangement that's worth your patronage. Have we told you how much we love you today? Email Us!