Chris Ethridge (Director/Producer) has made over a dozen comedic and genre-based independent films, including the award winning films "Painted Love" and "The Spitting Image". His lifelong love of Stephen King led him to pursue the non-commercial rights to make a film from one of King's classic short stories, "Survivor Type". In addition to directing, Ethridge has worked as a Cinematographer and Producer on many other projects. Most recently, he was Co-Executive Producer on "Take Me Out", a short thriller starring Rob Pralgo (Vampire Diaries) that recently was awarded Runner-Up Short Film at the Action on Film Festival. Outside of his film work, Chris has a strong interest in green construction techniques and lives in a green house which he helped build. He lives in Atlanta with his wife Kimberly and their abundance of furry creatures.

Jayson Palmer (Writer/Producer) was born and raised in Northern New Jersey, where he developed his love of film writing. He now lives in Atlanta where he splits his time between running Lobster Boy Productions and teaching - his other love.

Toniet Gallego (Producer/Art Director) has been an Atlanta resident for 20 years. During that time, she has been widely involved with independent projects ranging from film, dance, theatre, art, and music. She provides a wealth of local creative resources and networks. She is half of the electronic music band duo, Fader Vixen, and is a core member of Blast-Off Burlesque.

Jeremy Frank (Producer) is a multifaceted artist who works in the field of architecture as a Designer and is a LEED(TM) Accredited Professional. He has a broad range of skills from architectural design to 3D visualizations/animation, graphic design, audio and video production. He has a deep passion for all types of creative projects, whether he's generating concepts for film/video or writing/performing electronic music for Fader Vixen.

Toby Sells (Special FS Makeup/Prosthetics) began making monster mask and crude make ups at the age of ten. He briefly worked in Los Angeles for Make up Effects artist Mark Shostrom. Toby is now based in Atlanta Georgia, running his own FX House "Toby Sells Creature Make up FX Shop LLC" and he was recently a featured guest on the Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs.

Bryan Redding (Assistant Director)

Doug Davis, Jr. (Lighting)

Marsha Kermin (Production Assistant)

Michael Smith (Sound/Key Grip)

Dan Jordan (Sound/Key Grip)

Ashley McClain (Grip)

Barbara Hays (Costume Designer)

Ray Miller (Location Scout - New Jersey)

Amanda Knisely (On-Set Makeup Artist)

Seth Podowitz (Composer)

Mike Kazantkis (Graphic Designer/Poster Artist)

Astrid Lyons (Graphic Design Consultant)

Philip Nutman (Associate Producer)